• Calling Time Out on the Bus August 31, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: The driver and passengers on a crosstown bus cooperated to help back up a woman's threat to her misbehaving son.
  • Big Ticket | A Glimpse of the Park for $17.8 Million August 29, 2014
    A three-bedroom sponsor unit in the Marquand, a century-old apartment building, is the sale of the week.
  • Blocked In for Prayer August 29, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: When a driver went to find the cabby who had blocked his car, a potentially unpleasant experience turned into an enlightening one.
  • New York Today: Pick Up a Paddle August 29, 2014
    What you need to know for Friday and the weekend: last chances to kayak, glorious weather gradually deteriorating, and Joan Rivers is hospitalized.
  • New York City’s Week in Pictures: Aug. 29 August 29, 2014
    A slide show from the past week in New York City and the region includes a Staten Island march that drew thousands and Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations.
  • Many Addresses Before Making Bed-Stuy Home August 28, 2014
    Some people live in the same place for a lifetime. Odehyah Gough-Israel is not among them, but she has now found a place to call home: Bedford-Stuyvesant, in Brooklyn.
  • Modesty Is Rewarded August 28, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: On a 90-degree day, a bodega owner told a woman he was giving her a discount because he liked the way she was covered up.
  • New York Today: Carnival Countdown August 28, 2014
    What you need to know for Thursday: preparing for the West Indian Day parade, cooler weather, and a surge in heroin deaths.
  • Barge Burns On Hutchinson River August 28, 2014
    A barge carrying scrap metal caught fire in the Eastchester section of the Bronx near the Pascap recycling center on Wednesday, the authorities said. No injuries were reported in the blaze.
  • ‘Life After Brooklyn’ Resonates With Readers August 27, 2014
    Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family aren't the only ones leaving Brooklyn.
  • Teachers claim Regents results were tampered with September 2, 2014
    The rigorous standards at Brooklyn Tech HS appear to be too tough for some of the city’s other public high schools. Two teachers from the elite school have filed a...
  • NYPD commanders to take Twitter courses September 2, 2014
    NYPD precinct commanders are going back to school to study a subject that’s second nature to any teen — using social media. After a series of online gaffes — including...
  • The de Blasio family busts out their signature dance moves September 2, 2014
    New York’s first family earned roars of applause when they performed their signature jump-up “Smackdown” dance at the West Indian Day Parade on Monday. “This parade started small, became big...
  • Daily Blotter September 2, 2014
    Brooklyn Police on Monday were looking for a man who is wanted for choking an elderly woman as she sat on the stoop of her Borough Park home. In what...
  • Ambulance takes an hour to answer call near Gracie Mansion September 2, 2014
    An elderly neighbor of Mayor de Blasio lay on the floor with blood gushing from her head while waiting nearly an hour for an ambulance to answer repeated 911 calls...
  • Cops ‘ordered’ to ignore illegal liquor sales at ‘junkyard parties’ September 2, 2014
    Brooklyn cops were ordered to ignore blatantly illegal liquor sales inside three junkyards that were turned into open-air nightclubs — drawing thousands of rowdy revelers who vomited and urinated in...
  • NATO special forces to take on Russia September 2, 2014
    WASHINGTON — NATO is moving to create a new rapid-reaction force with 4,000 soldiers who could be deployed to defend Eastern European allies under threat from an aggressive Russia. The...
  • Man beheaded in gruesome Bronx suicide September 2, 2014
    A man decapitated himself Monday morning in a suicide that left his headless corpse lying in a Bronx street, law-enforcement sources said. The 51-year-old man attached a metal chain to...
  • Shriver’s ‘secret lover’ before Schwarzenegger affair surfaced September 2, 2014
    Arnold Schwarzenegger may have shagged the maid — but wife Maria Shriver is no June Cleaver. The Kennedy heiress was sleeping with her husband’s lead campaign strategist well before Schwarzenegger’s...
  • Kickstarter users fundraise for products already sold on Amazon September 2, 2014
    What do crowdfunding Web site Kickstarter and online retailer Amazon.com have in common? Too much, critics charge. Kickstarter fans, who have become a bit prickly over what they feel are...

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