• You, the Jury: Vote for a Pulp Fiction Contest Winner December 17, 2014
    We've chosen the 28 finalists out of more than 1,100 opening passages you wrote for the actual noir novel "Tough Kid From Brooklyn." Now you pick the winner.
    By Andy Newman
  • Everyone’s a Preservationist December 17, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: Walking near Astor Place, a burly, blue-collar type and a woman leaving a Historic Districts Council meeting shared their disapproval of an outsize condo building.
    By Penelope Bareau
  • New York Today: Bravery in Transit December 17, 2014
    Wednesday: The M.T.A. honors its workers, oddly warm weather, and a vigil for Pakistan.
    By Annie Correal
  • The Red Jelly Cart December 16, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: A Bronx childhood memory about the change of the seasons, when the ice cream man was replaced by a man selling candied apples or marshmallows.
    By Louise Yohalem
  • New York Today: The Stranger Laws of 2014 December 16, 2014
    Tuesday: The year's lesser-known legislation, rain, and the first night of Hanukkah.
    By Annie Correal
  • New York Today: A Pivotal Moment for Protests December 15, 2014
    Monday: The police re-evaluate strategy, sunny skies, and a latke festival.
    By Annie Correal
  • Free Ballet at Columbus Circle December 15, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: A young ballerina and her partner suddenly appeared in Columbus Circle and danced for 20 minutes, not for money or even applause, but for an unseen audience.
    By Jules Cohn
  • Winter Camp for the White-Footed Mouse December 13, 2014
    Winter hikers with sharp eyes could spot a white-footed mouse, an appealing mammal found in all five boroughs in New York City that feeds on garden pests and insects.
    By Dave Taft
  • Free Art Is Everywhere, if You Can Find It December 12, 2014
    Free Art Friday is an art scavenger hunt open to all.
    By Ashley Maas
  • An Emergency Announcement on the Bus December 12, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: A passenger expected the worst when a search alert was radioed to the bus driver.
    By Andrew Leynse

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