• Please Note: The N.Y. Today and Metropolitan Diary Columns Are Not Going Away October 27, 2015
    The City Room blog is going dark, but the features that appeared on it, like New York Today and Metropolitan Diary, are continuing as ever.
    By The New York Times
  • City Room, a Blog With a Broad Mandate, Is Retiring October 26, 2015
    Eight years, 20,000 posts and perhaps 100 million clicks later, City Room sails off into the sunset.
    By Andy Newman
  • No Cheating at Zabar’s October 25, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: An old hand at the delicatessen's waiting line caught a newly arrived customer trying to use someone's discarded ticket.
    By Heidi Olson
  • Discovering New York Together October 23, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: An autumn romance, including meeting on the F train platform in Brooklyn, hitting the greenmarket and the zoo, and letting a tourist take their picture.
    By Adele P.
  • After 82 Years, No More Driving October 22, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: The day he sold his final car and gave up his keys, a 93-year-old was flooded with memories, starting with Pop's lessons behind the wheel.
    By Dawes Potter
  • Dating on a Budget in the 1960s October 21, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: Dinner, a cruise and ground transportation, courtesy of the subway system, Chinatown and the Staten Island Ferry, could add up to very little 50 years ago.
    By Ivan Berger
  • Grieving With a Firefighter October 20, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A remembrance of a somber commute downtown nine days after the 9/11 attacks, when a firefighter boarded the subway in full dress uniform.
    By Helen Malmgren
  • The River Watchers October 18, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: Canoeing around Manhattan at night, a man discovered eyes on the water from every available viewing spot, no matter how decrepit the pier or how late the hour.
    By Peter Tiso
  • ‘Is That Your Money?’ October 16, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A sleepy-looking commuter on the G train seemed strangely unconcerned about a folded $100 bill lying in front of him.
    By Phoebe Chao
  • Almost Missing Summer October 15, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: As the writer awoke in the October chill, she began to romanticize summer, then remembered what it had been really like.
    By Jessica Fu
  • These levitating cups bring us closer to the future we’ve always been promised July 29, 2016
    Whenever anyone imagines a high tech future, everything is always levitating or flying. Well, based on this new Kickstarter page, cups of the future may finally be here.
  • Pope Francis visits Auschwitz July 29, 2016
    OSWIECIM, Poland — Pope Francis paid a somber visit to the Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau Friday, becoming the third consecutive pontiff to make the pilgrimage to the place where Adolf Hitler’s forces killed more than 1 million people, most of them Jews. Francis entered the camp on foot, walking slowly beneath the notorious...
  • Bill Cosby drops remainder of federal suit against accuser July 29, 2016
    The dismissal comes after the judge ruled that Cosby could not sue Andrea Constand, her mother, or her attorneys for speaking to investigators about her accusations.
  • Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Get Down’ offers dazzling look at hip-hop’s rise July 29, 2016
    Television’s search for the first great musical drama has been a fraught journey, with a few expensive dead-ends. Either the music was there and the story wasn’t (“Smash”) or the story and the music never meshed (“Vinyl”). On August 12, movie director Baz Luhrmann (“Moulin Rouge”) will attempt to right all wrongs with “The Get-Down,”...
  • Stephen Colbert can’t be ‘Stephen Colbert’ July 29, 2016
    After CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert told viewers that lawyers representing his old Comedy Central show said he couldn’t be “Stephen Colbert” anymore, he thumbed his nose at them with a transparent dodge. Lawyers representing his old company complained to CBS after he revived the character he played under his own name on “The...
  • ‘Bourne’s awesome chase scene shut down the Las Vegas Strip July 29, 2016
    It’s the most wanton act of Vegas-based destruction not involving Mike Tyson and a tiger. Last January, a 4 ½-ton truck plowed down the Strip, destroying a dozen or so cars in its wake. It was all part of an ambitious stunt for “Jason Bourne,” the new installment in the Matt Damon spy franchise. In the...
  • How this Cuban dancer is honoring his legendary dad July 29, 2016
    Stevie Insua is one of the most popular instructors at Alvin Ailey, where he teaches Afro-Cuban dance on Friday nights to the general public. It doesn’t matter that the 40-year-old barely speaks English — as he whips his long braids and demonstrates the proper way to do a cha-cha step, you can feel the room...
  • San Diego cop killed, another wounded in shooting July 29, 2016
    SAN DIEGO — One San Diego police officer was shot dead and another wounded during a late-night traffic stop Thursday, authorities said Friday. The two cops, both members of the department’s gang-suppression unit, were rushed to a hospital, where one died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The other officer was...
  • Judge wants to prevent sex offender from being raped in jail July 29, 2016
    A Brooklyn judge wants a convicted sex offender to serve his 15-year sentence at a medical facility instead of prison — where he’d be exposed to “dangers of rape and other physical attack,” according to new court papers. Federal court Judge Jack Weinstein made the recommendation for Darnell Washington, who pleaded guilty in 2014 to...
  • These are the best songs of the summer July 29, 2016
    If you’ve ever wondered why it’s important to have a good summer song, just ask Charlie Puth and OMI. Both had giant hits in the summer of 2015, which effectively launched their careers. “At this time of year, when people are on holiday, they pay attention more to music,” says the Jamaican star OMI, whose...


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