• New York Today: Lots of Weather November 24, 2014
    Monday: warm rain and high winds, a snowy Thanksgiving Eve, a civil rights investigation of a police shooting, and protecting a two-foot salamander.
    By Andy Newman
  • Security With a Portable Typewriter November 24, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: The owner of a 1952 Smith Corona felt safer after getting it repaired, knowing that if the apocalypse comes, he can still type.
    By Rob Stuart
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Closings in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut November 24, 2014
    Transit schedules, parking rules and various closings that will take effect on Thanksgiving.
    By The New York Times
  • A Funeral for a Father November 24, 2014
    Gary Kwok, whose father, Wai Kuen Kwok, was killed when he was pushed off a Bronx subway platform into the path of an oncoming subway train on Nov. 16, led a funeral procession for him on Mulberry Street in Chinatown in Manhattan on Sunday.
    By The New York Times
  • New York Beats Los Angeles for Funerals November 21, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: A Los Angeles resident found it odd that his city is cheaper to live in but more costly to die in than New York.
    By David Tulanian
  • New York Today: A Bridge’s Birthday November 21, 2014
    Friday and the weekend: The Verrazano turns 50, freezing weather gradually warms, and the week in pictures.
    By Annie Correal and Andy Newman
  • Seeking Acts of Kindness During the Buffalo-Area Snowstorm November 20, 2014
    During this barrage of snow and warnings, friends and strangers have bravely ventured out to help those in need. Have you seen any unselfish acts? Tell us.
    By The New York Times
  • Snippets of the Unexpected November 20, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: Two visitors overheard interesting fragments of conversations in the subway and songs on the street.
    By George Bohmfalk
  • New York Today: Plastic Bag Talk November 20, 2014
    Thursday: Weighing in on a 10-cent plastic bag fee, a warmer day, and a silent performance group.
    By Annie Correal
  • Remembering Smith’s Bar and Grill November 19, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: A seedy Midtown bar, which has just closed, had memories for a former law student at Fordham and his opera-loving father.
    By Ray Camiscioli

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