• At the Coney Island Freak Show March 2, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: An actor recalled a film shoot that kept the crew overnight in Coney Island, where they learned what rats feel like crawling up your body.
    By Linda Gillen
  • Madonna of Batchelder Street, 1969 February 27, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A man's poetic memory of a late-night walk home through a snowy Brooklyn after visiting a woman dear to him.
    By Miles Beller
  • New York Today: Twilight of the Ice Age February 27, 2015
    Friday and the weekend: A salute to ice, gradually warming weather, and a look inside the lives of the men accused of supporting ISIS.
    By Andy Newman
  • Driver Is Too Smug, Too Soon February 26, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, a driver scoffed at a bicycle rider on an ice-covered street. Then he hit the gas, and his smile disappeared.
    By Daniel Prebutt
  • New York Today: Hoodies, Hightops and Suspected ISIS Links February 26, 2015
    Thursday: A terrorism arraignment in Brooklyn, colder weather returns, and the most popular dog breeds by neighborhood.
    By Andy Newman
  • Time to Throw the Book at Us February 25, 2015
    The time for readers to help choose the next Big City Book Club selection has arrived.
    By The New York Times
  • A Year of Aerobics Class February 25, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A poem about what a woman learned in her Wednesday senior aerobics classes, from shopping to health tips and neighborhood news.
    By Jane Seskin
  • New York Today: Mr. de Blasio Goes to Albany February 25, 2015
    Wednesday: The mayor's annual ask, somewhat nicer weather, and a search for the city's smallest neighborhood.
    By Andy Newman
  • Preoccupied in the Station February 24, 2015
    On a rainy Monday morning, a commuter puzzled at why a woman was walking the length of the subway platform holding an umbrella over her head.
    By Liza Kent
  • New York Today: Spring Springs Eternal February 24, 2015
    Tuesday: Snow and cold help flowers grow, crime drops in city parks, and Abe Vigoda's dances with death.
    By Andy Newman
  • Los Angeles cops fatally shoot a homeless man March 2, 2015
    A video posted online shows Los Angeles cops fatally shooting a homeless man Sunday after a daylight struggle on a sidewalk in the Skid Row area. The footage shows a...
  • Desperate New Yorkers to live in glorified shoe boxes March 2, 2015
    Hot? Or not? Couples experiencing problems with intimacy, fidelity or carnality walk into a tiny, windowless, soundproof box adorned with multicolored lights in the raunchy, new WE TV reality show,...
  • Catsimatidis trying to slip pricey biofuels mandate into budget March 2, 2015
    With a bitter-cold winter and skyrocketing heating-oil use, the GOP’s timing couldn’t be worse. Senate Republicans, under pressure from maverick supermarket billionaire John Catsimatidis, are trying to slip a “green...
  • Play for Brooklyn Nets sale goes global March 2, 2015
    A handful of potential suitors here and abroad are interested in making a play for the Brooklyn Nets as the auction for the NBA franchise gears up, The Post has...
  • Goldman Sachs to debut new social-networking service March 2, 2015
    Call it Goldman Apps. Goldman Sachs is planning to roll out a new messaging and social-networking service by July, complete with its own app store for add-ons, The Post has...
  • Brother Jimmy’s BBQ moves to bigger and better digs March 2, 2015
    “Put Some South in Yo’ Mouth” — and some more space between you and the next table. Brother Jimmy’s BBQ is moving out of its longtime home at 428 Amsterdam...
  • Winter weather prompts readers to reach for travel magazines March 2, 2015
    No, it’s not your imagination. This year more people than ever are finding themselves hanging out in the travel section of their local newsstands. That’s because when it comes to...
  • Daily Blotter March 2, 2015
    The Bronx Two prowlers scaled a fire escape outside a Crotona Park East apartment building and cleaned out a home there, authorities said Sunday. The crooks climbed up the side...
  • ABC puts an ‘American Crime’ under the microscope March 2, 2015
    The home-invasion murder of a war vet and an assault on his wife stirs up racial tensions in a California community in this new drama created by “12 Years a Slave” writer John Ridley.
  • Dorinda Medley joins ‘Real Housewives of New York’ March 2, 2015
    Pour a dirty Grey Goose martini — Dorinda Medley is officially joining the cast of “The Real Housewives of New York.” The blonde socialite — long-rumored to be the newest...

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