• No Crying Over Spilled Chicken August 28, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: When a pregnant woman's spouse accidentally spilled a chicken parmigiana dinner, meant for her, on a subway platform, a gentleman put the mishap into perspective.
    By Firas Taha
  • Discoveries Inside Thrift-Store Books August 27, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A worker at a charity store in Brooklyn lists assorted scraps of life, some of them quite personal, that people left tucked into donated books.
    By Sarah Joyce
  • The Trouble With Utopia August 26, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A cabdriver and his passenger designed an ideal world with perfect weather, but by the end of the ride, they had spotted flaws in it.
    By Julie C. Roth
  • Dear New York, Will We Work Out? August 25, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: Moving to the city is not a speed-dating proposition, and a prospective newcomer from far away wants this relationship to be lasting.
    By Khadija ElDachach
  • New York Today: Serving Up a Treat August 25, 2015
    Tuesday: The U.S. Open before it opens, damp weather, and Jamaica Bay's islands.
    By Tatiana Schlossberg
  • New York Today: Transforming Times Square August 24, 2015
    Monday: Times Square's many lives, comfortable weather, and stock market chaos.
    By Noah Remnick and Tatiana Schlossberg
  • Construction Chirpers August 24, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A new bird species is spotted in Manhattan; it wears a neon vest, whistles shrilly and is spotted where there are big holes in the ground.
    By Marcy Eden
  • Finding a Roommate on Craigslist August 21, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A list of strange things a woman was asked online before she finally found a nice apartment to share.
    By Robin Beck
  • New York Today: Bust a Move August 21, 2015
    Friday: Dancing in the street, Times Square tiffs, and a word on Bird.
    By Noah Remnick
  • Education at the Post Office August 20, 2015
    Metropolitan Diary: A customer described his encounter with postal terminology, and the post office's nonexistent sense of humor about credit card signatures.
    By Jack Quint

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