• An Awkward Date at the Modern October 2, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: A woman described the nervousness she and her companion felt wandering through the Museum of Modern Art and wondering what would happen.
    By Courtney Rehfeldt
  • New York Today: Making the Grades October 2, 2014
    Thursday: a city of report cards, more moody weather, and the mayor's house for rent.
    By Annie Correal and Andy Newman
  • Kissing in the Rain October 2, 2014
    A scene from outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a cloudy Wednesday in New York.
    By The New York Times
  • Woman With 3 Jobs Died From Gas Fumes While Napping, Authorities Say October 2, 2014
    The death of Maria Fernandes, 32, who juggled three jobs and died Aug. 25 as she napped between Dunkin' Donuts shifts, was an accident, the authorities said.
    By Rachel L. Swarns
  • A Beer at the Plaza October 1, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: A distinguished hotel's take on a fancy-looking beer that came all the way across the East River.
    By Gilbert Gjersvik
  • New York Today: Month of Festivals October 1, 2014
    Wednesday: A festival for every taste, clouds stick around, and the case of a burglar vs. a Swedish tourist.
    By Annie Correal
  • Should a Cat-Kicker Go to Jail? Readers Respond September 30, 2014
    An article about a man charged with animal cruelty who is about to go on trial attracted more than 1,600 comments on The Times's website, and 790 comments on Facebook.
    By Tatiana Schlossberg
  • How Fast Is It? September 30, 2014
    We've got a radar gun now. Tell us what moving objects in the city you'd like us to measure.
    By Andy Newman
  • Communication Failure at the Museum September 30, 2014
    Metropolitan Diary: A museum visitor knew she was hard of hearing, but she didn't expect an exchange with a stranger to turn into mumbles and shrieks.
    By Janet Brof
  • New York Today: The Living Wage Law Expands September 30, 2014
    Tuesday: A big move for the mayor, scattered sprinkles, and rescue animals get a cardinal's blessing.
    By Annie Correal
  • Snow knows the one thing that will change Islanders’ culture October 2, 2014
    Like the chicken and the egg, the question remains. What comes first: A sports franchise establishing the proper culture before winning, or does winning establish the proper culture? The idea...
  • Knicks are looking for ‘fresh’ Dalembert to be a defensive force October 2, 2014
    WEST POINT — Old center, meet the new center. Knicks legend Willis Reed graced West Point and Knicks training camp Wednesday and stopped for a chat with the franchise’s likely...
  • Why Jets are saying Chargers’ Rivers is playing like an MVP October 2, 2014
    From coach Rex Ryan to his secondary, the Jets are gushing over Philip Rivers, calling him the MVP favorite at the season’s quarter pole. Sunday, the Jets will get an...
  • Giorgio Armani expands penthouse at Central Park West October 2, 2014
    Giorgio Armani’s take in New York City just got a little bit bigger. The silver-haired designer owns a penthouse apartment at 91 Central Park West. He is now purchasing the...
  • Two Mississippi teams bad bets despite 4-0 starts October 2, 2014
    Can it be? Multiple matchups of ranked teams playing each other in games that actually make you wonder who will win? It must be October. After far too many games...
  • Wild swingers club disturbs building’s office neighbors October 2, 2014
    They’re swinging free! A wild swingers club has been operating out of a Financial District office building — with wall-shaking sex parties throughout the workday — and the cops say...
  • Hondo flying with Birds October 2, 2014
    Volquez was nowhere near up to the task so the Pirates were unable to patch together a victory Wednesday night, causing Hondo’s deficit to expand to 1,525 ellises. Thursday night:...
  • Chef allegedly slashed man he found in bed with his wife October 2, 2014
    When a Brooklyn chef came home to find his apartment door deadbolted shut with his dog whimpering inside, he climbed up to his roof, down the fire escape and smashed...
  • City ease up on stringent welfare requirements October 2, 2014
    The city is loosening stringent work requirements for 56,000 welfare recipients who must currently put in a 35-hour work week to get their checks, officials said Wednesday. The kinder, gentler...
  • Daily Blotter October 2, 2014
    Brooklyn A hulking hothead heaved a trash can through the window of a Coney Island cellphone retailer, according to cops. At 3:20 p.m. on June 30, the suspect walked into...

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